Christian kane actor dating carrie underwood dating michael phelps

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The last phone conversation we had she said I was looking at the whole situation with “rose-colored glasses” and Chris was going through.

A hard time with everything and seeing all pics I sent them.

I in return turned that info over to the state, as I was applying for Medicaid The attorney general opened the case a couple times I believe but because his legal name was Christopher Michael Short and listed at his parents address in Oklahoma it made the process difficult. If you have talked to him or anyone who represents him does he deny both the fact that he fathered your daughter and that you had a relationship or only that he is the father?

They wanted us both to appear in Oklahoma for dna test but he was in California and going under the stage name Christian Kane so that trip would have been costly and pointless. He has never denied that Alissa is his child (not that I have ever heard).

He wasn’t listed on birth certificate because he wasn’t present at the time of the birth.

He did however give me “some” info in regards to his family medical history as well as his ss# before I left Oklahoma.

I showed up with Alissa and friends to his restaurant he didn’t” appear” to be happy but he did recognize us.

I called him later and asked if he wanted to see her and he said “no, it will be too hard”.

the college that he attended, his birth name) are true. You would not demand a news outlet go dig up an article from years ago and alter it. I just never really heard anything and figured they were just ignoring me in the hope I would just loose interest or leave the issue alone What are your intentions?Is your main objective to receive back child support for her, to reunite them, or both? Is it true that you are currently in talks with Eric Griffin of Brand X Management (who represents Christian Kane) regarding the legalities of this matter?(I asked Jenny if she had any photos of her and Christian Kane together. However she was able to find the 4th photo down that I have now added.She stated that it is a photo of Christian’s parents with Alissa as a baby.

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