Christian matriarchal dating

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However, the plight of Saami women is an important issue that has only recently started to gain a noticeable amount of coverage in Samiland.

This began with the Saami feminist movement in the 1970s, which opened for discussion the issue of Saami women’s positions in a constantly changing society.

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Even though I tried to separate issues within this paper for the sake of clarity, they are overlapping and therefore several points are mentioned more than once.

While it is clear that women are generally allowed a certain amount of prestige in a community by virtue of being the primary caretakers of children, Saami women are especially important because they are also responsible for passing on their unique indigenous culture to their children (Brenna, 8).

The importance of women in the early Saami society is made clear through the presence of female deities.

This also supports the idea that Saami society once tended to be matriarchal.

Before Christianity was introduced into Saami society, the Saami shamanistic religion recognized a variety of gods.

Many believe that Saami women are oppressed because of Christian influence in Samiland.

Kirsti Paltto says that Christianity has made women easy to subjugate because it teaches that women should be men’s servants (Helander and Kailo, 29).

Though they are still important, women are no longer absolutely imperative to the survival of the family.

Integration into contemporary society has absolved Saami women of the responsibilities they once had, such as the need to make clothing or prepare reindeer skins.

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