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A District Energy System directly aligns with a number of the City’s municipal objectives, specifically GHG reductions and green initiatives.Its valuable municipal infrastructure that can actually help smooth out municipal investment for the next 50 years when it comes to heating their buildings,” says de Wolde.This stands true for the years after the Phanariote-Ottoman period, at the beginning of the 19th century, when Romanians had a favourable historical context and Romania started to become westernized, mainly with French influences, which they pursued steadily and at a very fast pace.From the end of the 18th century, the sons of the upper classes started having their education in Paris, and French became (and was until the communist years) a genuine second language of culture for Romanians.The downtown core has increased in density, buildings have aged to the point now where there’s a core of potential customers and buildings to connect and sustain a district energy system.ENMAX has engaged with the City of Edmonton and City Council to continue to push this initiative forward.

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Buildings need lots of heat for many months of the year and yet it’s actually one of the last large municipal cities within Canada to have a district energy system.

Until the 14th century, small states (Romanian: voievodate) were spread across the territory of Transylvania, Wallachia, and Moldavia.

The medieval principalities Wallachia and Moldavia arose around that time in the area on the southern and eastern sides of the Carpathian Mountains.

Modern Romanian culture emerged and developed with many other influences as well, partially that of Central and Western Europe.

Romania's history has been full of rebounds: the culturally productive epochs were those of stability, when the people proved quite an impressive resourcefulness in making up for less propitious periods and were able to rejoin the mainstream of European culture.

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