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She revealed in the interview with "I have to say, I got more into it when it got brought back," Jodie said."Even though I'm 35, I feel like for me, my interest sparked with Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant and Matt Smith and I feel kind of a part of that as well."Thats what feels exciting about it, like you can list these 13 actors and none of us are similar.

Even when it's been 12 men, none of us are similar."During the interview, Jodie also revealed that keeping the secret ahead of its big Wimbledon reveal last month led to months of paranoia and even a secret codename, 'The Clooney.'"I basically whispered for three months and it was getting really tedious that even in my own kitchen [I was still whispering]," she said."Even if the window was open in the flat, I'd go, 'what have I said, what have I said?

Broadchurch star Whittaker, Capaldi’s successor, is the first woman to play the Doctor.

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The tumultuous relationship between Reggie and Frances is the only thing that adds a sense of narrative momentum to the film.

Otherwise, it's a series of set-pieces that take a darkly humorous approach to family clashes and criminal violence.

In the safe zone, food and drink is for sale, and you get a chance to relax a bit, play a game, have a dance.

Finally, you're led into an inventively themed cinema to watch the 2002 film as on-screen elements are performed around you.

Eccleston, who played the Time Lord when the sci-fi series was revived in 2005, has also said that he has avoided going to fan conventions over the years because he likes to rely on acting to earn a living.As it begins, the fearsome young Kray brothers (both played by Tom Hardy) are consolidating their gangland grip on East London and expanding around the city, with their next target being South London boss Charlie Richardson (Paul Bettany).Reggie Kray is the tough-minded businessman, while identical twin Ronnie is a terrifying thug who happens to be openly gay at a time when being so was illegal.Aside from that generic title, the film basically has no plot at all, and it strips real-life people of their complexity.It's as if the filmmakers were afraid to challenge the audience in any way.

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