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They were all just hanging out and eating whatever they wanted.

They had people showing up at the place all night and getting pissed that it was closed to the public.

Howard said they have a lot of other things on there as well.

He took a call from a guy who asked how Howard's dinner with Artie went last week.

Howard said they had some help from this Sheila woman.

Howard said that they got a quote from the place to close down the restaurant, which they had never done in their history before.

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He gave him a DVD of the movie ''Flirting with Disaster'' because Artie had said that he used to beat off to the scene that Beth is in.

Howard said he figured that Robin would have shown up because Jim was there.

She wasn't there though because she couldn't make it.

Artie said that she and Robin are going to go see Chaz Palmentari in a play he's doing.

He said he always hates the attention he gets at parties and thought he'd hate a surprise party.

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