Circa dating roman onyx cameo ring and george eads dating

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If I am in the wrong forum, please excuse me and direct me where I should look. After 1915 (or so) the company became the Manchester Silver Company."M" with the words ade/in/exico sort of arranged among lines of the letter M in this fashion---- Reading from the top, The letter M is on its side.the ade is next, the word "in" is cradled in the "V" of the letter, next is the word "exico" and next the other leg of the letter M. I need help identifying a set (Large Clip/Pin, Bracelet, Earrings).Her enamels were sometimes based on Japanese designs and the colors are spectacular.Margot's work, more than any other, was designed for woman--it is mostly very wearable and highly feminine. I recently bought a bracelet marked MARITSCHNIG SWEDEN followed by several marks - ICO , what looks to be a 1 in a circle, three crowns in a trefoil, an S in a hexagon, and Y8. The piece appears to be an early necklace by Matilde Poulat, but I've always wondered whether the "Matl" marks that are incised (or scratched on the surface of the metal such as the marks on this necklace) are actually early Matilde Poulat marks.

He created numerous medallions including ones for the Vatican in Rome. Manca also did WPA (Works Progress Administration) sculpture, and one of these pieces is "Wild Duck and Deer", 1942, in Lyons, Ohio.Aquatic plants occupy the lowest level, marine life, such as fish and mollusks reside on the second level, and terrestrial plants, animals and birds are situated on the top level.Measuring 22 feet across, and ranging from outer to inner height from 10 to 8 1/2 feet, the monumental gates are an appropriate introduction to the actual species within.While there, she met and became friends with Maria Castillo and the two traveled together to Taxco where she was introduced to and eventually married Antonio Castillo, who put her to work designing jewelry that he would create.She was a talented designer who worked for many years creating some of Los Castillo's most successful designs.

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