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These sediments can be used to study ancient earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding and volcanic eruptions, as well as climate change, glaciation and tectonic uplift.

We are also involved in research projects requiring gammaspectrometry.

Turnaround time is dependent on the workload of the lab, so please enquire about the status when submitting samples.

Unfortunately routine sample analysis can take up to five months, but can be longer for unusual materials or if any unexpected problems arise during processing.

Judaism has always prized the wisdom of our elders, so should love advice be any different, nu? In “I Wore a Wonderbra to the Matzah Ball,” Caroline Tiger tells of her first foray to a Jewish singles event after having avoided that kind of gathering for most of her life.The young girls borrowed white dresses so that the young men could not choose among them according to materialistic concerns.The Talmud teaches that women set the rules; the women admonish their suitors to pick not according to beauty, but by the good name of the women’s families and by their fear of God.” There is no shortage of online dating advice geared toward a Jewish audience.We therefore welcome projects where low-level radioactivity is expected such as sediments from New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Standard rate for routine work with priority processing: NZ00 GST per sample. Dating the Kawakawa/Oruanui eruption: comment on optical luminescence dating of a loess section containing a critical tephra marker horizon, SW North Island of New Zealand by R. This price includes all irradiation and luminescence measurements required to obtain the equivalent dose, and high resolution laboratory gamma-spectrometry for dose rate determination.

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