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Nothing could prepare them to have their children jump into the overtly sexualized and crazy world of LA.' As for Paul Barton, who is not named in his daughter's suit, he is a broker who moved Mischa and her sisters Zoe, now a barrister, and Hania, who briefly worked as an actor as well, to New York City when they were still children.

, written by acclaimed American playwright Tony Kushner, and continued to work in New York stage productions over the next few years.I want to read them before I watch the Netflix series. Oh, and while we are on the subject of Netflix, I CAN'T BELIEVE WE HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL HALLOWEEN FOR MORE STRANGER THINGS.I've decided that this skeleton print dress from Mod Cloth (although the brand is Folter, which makes a lot of fun spooky things) is too good and fun to only wear during Halloween time. I love how bright and bold it is and how it signifies so many different things.In her professional life, she continued to focus on films around this time, starring in small, independent films and even turning down an offer from O. creator Josh Schwartz to star on his new show Gossip Girl as the villainous Georgina Sparks, a role that eventually went to Michelle Trachtenberg.Since then Mischa has again focused on roles in smaller films, though she did return to the theater briefly in 2012 when she starred as Shelby in a Dublin production of Steel Magnolias at the Gaeity Theater.

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