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But it'd be great to see the still-young streaming infrastructure evolve into something that's more friendly to the self-care needs of their employees; a world where date nights and card game marathons can co-exist.

Instead of the ensembles she’s used to wearing, the pro dancer and new mom chose a ruffled dress for the date night out with hubby Stephen “t Witch” Boss.

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One afternoon, she smashed her 646,000 Twitter followers against Taylor's extremely modest online posture like a wrecking ball.Originally, she was just a college girl dressed in low-cut tops and cheeky Halloween outfits, twerking for donations during her Call of Duty streams.Sexualized content, even when it’s relatively tame, falls outside of Twitch’s stringent moderation policies, and Burgher soon found herself permabanned from the service. He's a crane operator and a single dad, and while he once had a brief dalliance with competitive Call of Duty, his awareness of the volatile, still-malleable notion of "videogame fame" was tenuous at best.As soon as the song is over, he calmly pulls his hair back, slips the headphones back on and picks up where he left off. Alex is living the dream: making money by playing video games on the hugely popular Web site Twitch.“Whoever thought I would play video games for a living? “I want so badly for this to work.” He turns back to his fans: “I love that every single one of you are Here. Now,” he says, looking directly into the webcam and punctuating his words like a seasoned TV host.

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