Consolidating entries worksheet

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I’ve been able to use it on data with multiple levels of headers without fail.Having said that, one of the comments on that post, and something that I’ve actually been thinking about recently, is around how this handles a data set with a huge amount of rows.We all know that Power Query isn’t fast, but, man, was it ever slow building this out.Every step caused a full query reload for me, which took in excess of 30 seconds to complete.Plus, once you choose the cash flow frequency and set the starting time period, the calculator will automatically fill in all subsequent time periods for you. Finally, once you have entered all cash flows and clicked the "Calculator IRR" button, the calculator will even generate a printable report showing the future value of each entered cash flow.In other words, unlike other online IRR calculators, this calculator won't leave you guessing as to the validity of the internal rate of return result.After you share a workbook, many of Excel’s features can’t be used.There’s a list of unavailable features for Excel 2003 on the Microsoft site, and in Excel’s help.

IRR stands for Internal Rate of Return and is used to describe the average annual return on investments where deposits and payments vary in amounts.

I only know because I’ve performed these actions hundreds of times.

At the end of the day, it work, but that leads us into our second issue…

The query is then loaded as a connection only query to be called later. It performs 2 actions only: Unlike the other queries, this one gets loaded to the data model.

At the end of the process, we end up with 4 queries instead of 1.

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