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For a measly 5 more per month, I found a lovely 3 bedroom, 1 bath walk up in a great part of town that had a ton of character with french windows and coved ceilings and doorways.

It was a little closer to my job, and just a titch farther from Blue Eyes’ school. When we moved in, it was still January and there was no heat.

My boss said, “Kat, I hate to tell you this, but we have a dress code.” I kind of glanced outside her office and said, “wait, what? ” She said, “no, but we do have a dress code.” I was like, “what is a dress CODE?

” I mean in high school we had a dress code like, you know, no skirts where you could see panties, low cut blouses were frowned upon.

We were told it never was cold enough in that part of the country to need heat, or warm enough to need air conditioning, they said. The apartment came with a radiator heater that didn’t work.

Turns out we were renting from a slum lord, even though the apartment itself was quite lovely.

We never did have air conditioning, and the first summer there was a heat wave with temps above one hundred degrees for four days straight, plus a couple dozen days in the mid-90’s, but there wasn’t much we could do about that.I know we're just diseased, a bloody cyst Where will you live? Espacio para una mentalidad totalmente aleatoria que siempre intenta percibir lo bueno, lo importante o interesante que pueda tener cada imagen, escena, sonido, momento, película o canción e intenta compartirlo.Honestly, for the rest of the day I was embarrassed. I had a lot of free time in California as Blue Eyes pretty much spent 24/7 attending class, studying, eating, or sleeping (or whatever).After just a couple weeks in the stale box of an apartment that I despised, I started spending some of my free time scouring the neighborhoods for a new place to live.

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