Craig owens ashlee simpson dating

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As if Pete's life isn't difficult enough, not he has to see his protege get some serious face time with his wife!

A month after filing for divorce from rocker Pete Wentz, Simpson was photographed at an L. mall with another musician, Craig Owens of the band D.

Craig Owens was born on August 26, 1984, in Davison, Michigan, United States. He has not revealed any information about his childhood life.

His educational background has not been disclosed yet.

His nationality is American and he is of North American ethnicity.

And they looked quite cosy hidden under their hoodies, suggesting something of a late one the night before. The ink was barely dry on the divorce Petition before Ashlee and Craig were out and about, looking very couple-like. It's super fun to kiss someone new, but like so many decisions that seem like a good idea at the time, later on, not so much. Here's 6 Simple Reasons Why: So while I understand why celebrities and other newly separated people go out on the town, sowing their wild oats either to celebrate their new found smorgasbord of potential partners or to search for evidence that they're still desirable, it's still not a good idea. Earlier today, we reported the scoop that Ashlee Simpson has moved on from her not-so-officially ended marriage and is dating Craig Owens, a friend and recording artist under Pete Wentz's record label. However, people in Ash Sim's camp say this relationship is really good for her right now and she needs Craig in her life for comfort. It is WAY too soon for Craig to be swooping in on his woman, if even at all!

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