Cri du chat in adults

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It is generally difficult to worry about her every moment of every day.

Someone asked me this week what I found most difficult about having a child with Cri du Chat syndrome.Cri du Chat Syndrome, however, has a special place in my heart, which is why we have a whole page dedicated to it.In 2001, after a fairytale pregnancy and the easy birth of my first child, I was handed some news that would take me on a very unexpected path. It meant that the short arm of chromosome 5 was damaged. Nobody could really tell me what this meant in terms of her development, but never walking or talking was on the menu, as was a heart condition and immune system weaknesses.Research brought me to several programmes of learning for her, including the What to do About Your Brain-Injured Child course by Glenn Doman.We were also very fortunate to work with Lidwina van Dyk, a human developmentalist who still works with us to help Chloe reach her potential.

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