Custom validator validating multiple controls

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We need to build a directive with a matching selector so it will be executed on all input controls where the directive is applied. Even though this works, there’s nothing our directive does at the moment.

What we want to do is to make sure that our custom validator is executed when Angular compiles this directive. Angular has an internal mechanism to execute validators on a form control.

Validation is important part of any web application.

User's input must always be validated before sending across different layers of the application.

It maintains a multi provider for a dependency token called .

If you’ve read our article on multi providers in Angular, you know that Angular injects multiple values for a single token that is used for a multi provider.

The main advantage is that it prevents a page from being postback to the server until the client validation is executed successfully. Server validation will only performed when Cause Validation is set to true. You can have a Required Field Validator control for each form element on which you wish to enforce Mandatory Field rule.

At any cost server validation will work always whether client validation is executed or not. The attributes that are necessary to this control are: Maximum Value, Minimum Value, and Type.

The Custom Validator Control can be used on client side and server side.

Java Script is used to do client validation and you can use any . I will explain you Custom Validator using server side. To write Custom Validator on server side you override Server Validate event.

If you don't find your desired regular expression, you can create your custom one.

In the example I have checked the email id format: You can solve your purpose with ASP. But if you still don't find solution you can create your own custom validator control.

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