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The company’s scheme is understood to be unique in the UK.Last night university lecturers urged other corporations to follow suit.Again, the candidate’s university background is not revealed.The firm has found the scheme has attracted a third more “first generation” university students than the traditional route to recruitment – and three times as many students from universities with which it does not have strong traditional links.If possible, choose an objective, disinterested party from human resources or another department to serve as a fact-finder who will interview the office Romeo and Juliet and any other concerned colleagues.

If the investigation confirms that a sexual affair is happening in violation of company policy, the company must take appropriate action according to the rules that the policy dictates.Office romances are the stuff of TV shows, but they are also very much a part of real life on the job.While some office affairs end happily, others could open a world of hurt for the partners, their co-workers and the company itself.In its first year of operation, the scheme has seen its annual intake of 100 graduate trainees come from 41 different education institutions – a rise of nearly 30 per cent on the number represented in the previous year under the old recruitment system.Successful applicants came from universities including Cardiff, Essex, Lancaster, Liverpool and Ulster.“The overall object is to make sure we never lose out on talent, wherever it comes from,” said Ms Yeates.

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