Dating a biker chick dating survival guide pamphlet

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At the other end of the scale, age would also matter.

So, if biking is a serious consideration for you, well, it's certainly a "limiting" factor in terms of "fishes."i'm thinking the op's stated age is a typo or other mistake.

Last 6 months - removed motorcycle talk as it was suggested in a thread I read in the spring about bikes being a turn off because of the bad boy image, danger, etc. those who love motorcycles and the biker lifestyle!

has the hundreds of thousands of certified bikers and the unique verified photo system for our members. Hook up with biker friends and singles to share their riding experiences and passion for motorcycles.

I guess if you made it clear that a man's being a biker(or "motorcycle enthusiast", if that's a less prejudicial term) is not a required "must have" for you, it shouldn't limit your response.

There are a lot of professional guys who own bikes and enjoy riding them.

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