Dating a globe

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Note: The following information is presented for the use of our customers and is in no way intended to take the place of securing assistance from a competent professional with experience in World Globes, such as Omniterrum, Murray Hudson or the George Glazer Gallery.The difficulties in determining a precise age for your globe come from many different variables.This information has been sourced from globe manufacturers like Replogle, combined with the databases of museums and national libraries all over the world.When you find a FORMER place name on your globe instead of the NEW name, you have confirmed the age of your globe.They were purchased by the Library of Congress in 1940 from Harold F. The larger thirteen-inch globe is one of Wilson's earliest dated globes (1811), and was a gift to the Library of Congress in 1991 by the estate of the noted globe and map collector, Howard Welsh. An attractive woman arrives at a restaurant ready to meet a blind date.

If you are lucky, you just may be looking at a centuries-old globe.

We will not provide transportation to or from the date, and we will reimburse dinners up to 0 (if you go over, you'll have to pick up the difference).

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Ultimate Globes has provided a chart to help determine the age of your globe.

In it, you will find a list of major historical discoveries, political names, and border changes that occurred over the centuries.

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