Dating a handicaped person

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“The statistics aren’t not here to make able-bodied people feel guilty. It’s just about breaking barriers.” This links to why she has mainly only ever had relationships with people who started off as her friends – because “their barriers have already been broken down”. “When I started first going out aged 18 with the girls, I didn’t really get much attention.Boys wouldn’t want to be seen approaching someone in a wheelchair.'Boys didn't want to approach me' Renke says this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as not everyone has come into contact with someone disabled.“But if you had an opportunity to date a disabled person and because of your own prejudices or ignorance, you have rejected that person, it’s something we need to look at,” she says.Then a lot of psychological adjustment may be required. One thing to consider: If you are planning to give much physical care to your spouse, be prepared for the conflict that may develop between your role as "caregiver" and your role as "husband or wife". I can stand and walk a little on my heels with special shoes.Some experts suggest that if much intimate personal care is required, that it be done by someone other than the spouse (another relative or someone hired for the purpose) love knows no reason at she saw from this man no one love accepts the person for who he one loves the person for a reason-then probably its not love.. I know some people harbor prejudiced against disabled people. And most of these people are not even aware that they have this prejudice.

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They are also unhappy with themselves or with their partners or both. If you do, you will notice people do not look you in the eye.Only 16 per cent have ever invited a disabled person to their house, and 67 per cent feel awkward around disabled people meaning they panic, or even avoid contact altogether.“The figures look shocking but when I started to think about it, it makes sense,” says Renke.I'm writing this on behalf of my friend who does not have access to the internet.She is in love with a guy who's disabled and she is being criticised by everyone. Everyone says a good looking girl like her shouldn't go out with a person like that.

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