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You are in you mid-20's, so I don't see the big deal here. Perhaps I am sensitive because I am a single mom, but it denotes a certain amount of shame of her, if you fear introducing her and her child (the biggest part of her) to others. She likely has already experienced being put down, or rejected because of the fact she is a single mom.

" begs the question again if you are conflicted yourself.

What makes you think that your parents would reject her or the idea that she has a child? You need to just tell them, this is your life and you are old enough to make your own decisions, if you keep putting it off dont you think your girlfriend may be offended that you are hiding her and her kid from your family? While I don't think the wording was a deliberate attempt at something, it could be taken seriously wrong.

Hi everyone, I am currently a college student, in my mid-twenties, living at home, and I started dating a single mother about a month back.

She's just a year younger than me, and things have been going great; I just don't know how to tell my own parents.

I understand why you would be stand offish about telling your folks. Also, does your current girlfriend act, look or in anyway remind you or others of your ex girlfriend?

My kid's dad had 2 kids when I met him and my family was not pleased with this. Plus, I am assuming you understand that the lady you are dating now is a package deal.

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