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So, then, what are the 8 simple steps you should As the old saying goes, “someone who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” Our view of the world governs how we act on a daily basis.Each decision we make, big or small, will alter the trajectory of our life, and it is important that these decisions are in line with our values.I think there is comfort in knowing that we There is comfort in knowing that other people out there are struggling with the same things as us. Real life, actionable steps are what will really make a difference.

But in reality, does an apology not show strength more than weakness?Real kindness is not something you give to people because of who they are, it’s something you give to people because of who you are.Whether you are on a date or just living everyday life, people are more apt to show respect to someone who shows it to them, in return.This will in turn put stress on those around you and add tension to scenarios where it doesn’t have to be.Remaining cool, calm, and collected is a sign of maturity.

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