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Tacoma said this improves transmission of vibrations from the bridge to the top.

Most Tacoma guitars have bolt-on necks, without visible screw plates.

Tacoma Guitars was a musical instrument manufacturer—and later, a line of musical instruments from Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

Tacoma brand guitars were originally manufactured in Tacoma, Washington. Kim persuaded Young Chang to build a guitar manufacturing plant nearby.

It was available in six and 12 string (P112) models.The Papoose electric was discontinued by the end of 2006.The C1C Chief had normal tuning and a scale length of 25.5".When the move was announced, former Tacoma Guitars CEO Ferdinand Boyce suggested that Fender's decision to close the plant was motivated in part by a desire to automate the Tacoma manufacturing process to cut costs.Several of Tacoma's models featured an unusual sound hole shape, a paisley soundhole, on the left side of the upper bout.

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