Dating academy game

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You can brainstorm with friends really fun ideas for a date.

Then work together to think of what planning is required to make those ideas actually happen. In the Richardson Dating Academy, all of our children practiced dating invitations.

This is a visual novel genre having still images to interact with and will be updated with the latest episodes for you to enjoy.

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Why did we choose to include something and not another?

My wife and I decided to help our children prepare for “proper dating” and happy relationships by creating the Richardson Dating Academy, or RDA as our children call it. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles once explained that most athletic contests have “lines drawn on the floor or the field within which every participant must stay in order to compete.” Success depends on how well a competitor knows and stays within the set boundaries.

It wasn’t long after we started the RDA that friends of our children wanted to participate and even become RDA graduates. Are you ready to become a dating academy graduate yourself? Likewise, it’s important to know the “dating lines” or the purposes and standards of dating as taught by Church leaders.

Why did we set up different types of content a certain way?

Hopefully this series will shed some light and help you understand a little more about the game's development.

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