Dating after filing for divorce in georgia Sexslaves in chattanooga dating sites

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If by trouble you mean give your spouse grounds for divorce, the answer is yes.The Mississippi Supreme Court has held that adultery that occurs after the separation of the parties can be used as grounds for divorce.The same 13 grounds are still on the books today, but almost all divorces are granted on the basis of four of them: So, a wife or husband contemplating divorce in Georgia needs to decide whether to allege that the other spouse is at fault with regard to the marriage, or just that there are irreconcilable differences.Why would a spouse choose to sue for divorce based on any of the old specific fault-based grounds when he or she can just allege the no-fault reason of an irretrievably-broken marriage?

The Supreme Court of Georgia has said that, with the adoption of the no-fault option for divorce, the public policy of the state changed from purposely making it difficult to end marriages to "facilitat[ing] the granting of divorces." Interestingly, the state kept its other 12 fault-based grounds as well, most of them having been part of the law since 1850.My only concern is that you don't introduce your children, if any, to the person you are dating and do not discuss your date with them.The Court does not take kindly to introductions to "dating" people when parents are still married.It can also be used against you when the Court is considering whether alimony should be awarded.Often not much, but you just might wind up before a judge who has a strong disposition against that kind of behavior and shows it by awarding your spouse a disproportionate share of community property, or concludes you're a less suitable parent for custody and visitation purposes.

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