Dating after radical prostatectomy

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According to the D' Amico criteria, the intermediate-risk group includes patients with three intermediate risk factors (clinical stage T2b lesions, a Gleason score of 7 or PSA level of 10 and ≤20 ng/ml).Cases that do not belong to the low- or high-risk groups are also assigned to the intermediate-risk group.

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Patient characteristics and risk group classification Patients who underwent prostate biopsies and received a diagnosis of prostate cancer at the National Kyushu Cancer Center (Fukuoka, Japan) or additional associated institutions were assessed in this study.

Sections that were predominantly caudal and cephalic were cut in the sagittal plane at 5 mm intervals to assess the bladder neck and apical margins.

The specimens were subsequently embedded in paraffin, cut into 5 µm sections and stained with hematoxylin and eosin.

Remember to give your body time to heal after surgery before getting too frustrated with loss of function.

It can take a year or two for the nerves and blood vessels to heal completely.

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