Dating after separation laws ny

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Talking about things in detail makes sense, of course many people in that situation only think of the excitement and the wedding, and not things like this!

Reply My husband gave his parents between 00-00 a month prior to our marriage. I told him that I was against it because his parents does not need the money.

If someone dies, he pays for it and pay her rent, cable, con-ed while she is away and it spits me off. I think his parents are being unfair, but if it’s something they’ve instilled his whole life, there’s little hope of changing them.

Sounds like a compromise is in order — perhaps he can give his parents some amount that his wife deems fair? I know this doesn’t help this couple, but for goodness sakes people need to talk over these sorts of things before marriage!

Reply Edward – I do think that in general, helping parents in need is honorable.

So, I hope that isn’t lost in my post and comments. They immigrated to the US, gave up their white collar jobs to raise their children in a safer environment with more opportunities for the motivated youth. My parents take care of themselves by working hard, but they live modestly.

Would the wife rather the parents move in with them?

Reply Emily – I totally agree that such things should be discussed before marriage.

Reply did you discuss this with your husband before you got married or was it discussed after the marriage? My future husband gives financial support to his parents every month, the same amount that your husband did. There is a couple I know that has encountered some interesting issues with in-laws.This isn’t something that they directly discuss with his wife, but they have instilled in him over the years – and probably growing up – that it’s his responsibility first and foremost to make sure his parents are financially taken care of.That was a huge amount of money that could have been used for our downpayment.Anyways, we have been married for 3 years and we have not given them monetary support other than pay for trips to encourage them to go on vacation.

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