Dating an older married man

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Yes you can have deep core transforming love with a man who is already married but 99.9% of the time like all good things it will come to an end. Go straight to jail, take a cold shower, and move on, move to another country if necessary, or if you're me don't go to where he lives. If you're a married man and you happen to read this my advice to you is don't make promises you can't keep; don't say forever, say right now.

They don't tell you that some of the married men you'll meet will be middle-aged, attractive, "good", hardworking, intelligent dudes that would be perfect for you if they were not married. Did all the kind of things that boyfriends and girlfriends do. I mean I didn't get the this is my girl friend introduction (HA!Then months go by and you're still fabulous sure but you're fabulously single. I mean we rarely saw or met our peers in the spots where we would hang out. The two full fledged relationships with my married boos had no restrictions. I said to myself if these relationships end of natural causes because these people don't want to be together okay but I will not be the cause nor the source.And when you did, we didn't have shared interests or life experiences. And yet one by one each one of us; reluctantly at first began to turn friendships to flirtations and before you know it that's your boo. In today's parlance you could say I was a side piece with main chick powers.You know those girls without morals and good sense who date married men?I knew that I would never ever do that because those girls have zero self respect.

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