Dating artsy guy

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It can require overlooking Tevas with socks or seeing eye-to-eye (literally), but widening the dating pool certainly can’t hurt.“Opposites attract,” or so cliché goes, except according to the 2007 Columbia University study by Paul Ingram and Michael W.A 2011 paper in the Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology notes that hyperfemininity, which is a “strong adherence to traditionally feminine attitudes and beliefs,” is characterized by a marked preference for more traditional and stereotypical male/masculine behaviors and a higher tolerance for male sexual aggression and coercion.Hypermasculine men may also tend toward women who display stereotypical “female” qualities.The key to attracting these bohemian ladies lies in projecting common artistic beliefs and interests through your appearance, activities and knowledge.Artistic women pride themselves on their creative individuality, so a wardrobe of off-the-rack apparel worn by every Tom, Dick and Harry simply won’t do.

Our quest for sameness goes even further than just college stats and muscle mass.

But credentials don’t really describe a person’s personality. Helen Fischer, an anthropologist and consultant for, tries to do in her most recent book, Why Him? In it, she constructs four different temperaments, based on hormones and neurochemicals, which explain why certain types are attracted to others.

Instead of just looking at things like socioeconomic background and basic interests, Fischer comes up with four main personality types.

Although scientists can pinpoint general traits that make someone attractive (strong jaw, physical fitness, etc.), studies have shown that we tend to be attracted to those who look like we do.

That’s because people want a mate that looks familiar—like their parents or even themselves.

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