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The materials speak of a past in which craftsmanship and enduring quality went hand-in-hand.The hand-hewn structural timbers were cut from the early American virgin forests and are much larger than any timbers available today.We also offer all kinds of antique materials to go with our barns, which are priced as extras.Our antique timber-framed homes have timeless character that cannot be duplicated in a home built with new wood.5 - Fumigation This is perhaps the most important step in restoration.Small bugs make for big problems if they go untreated. These are necessary for an accurate restoration and rebuild. We provide all the heavy equipment for this process.

So, if it costs around 0 per foot of “living space” to build a regular custom home in your area, this would translate into these prices: - If that same 25 x 40 building has only one floor, the “living space” is also 1,000 square feet.

9 - Insurance There is also the possibility of legal complications that if you purchase a barn that is standing, and then the middleman / seller has the barn taken down by a crew that is not insured and a worker is injured, he will likely go after you as the owner of the barn for compensation. 10 - Support and Follow up We are also with you through the project, even if we sell you only the barn timber frame.

We have completed over 200 barn home projects and you, your architect or your contractor can call on us at any point along the way to ask questions about how to do or where to get something.

- If that same building has two full floors of living space, it then has 2,000 square feet of “living space.” And 2,000 foot living space home x 0 /foot ,000 barn frame = 5,000 = 2.5 per square foot of living space.

Unlike barn frames that are sold directly off of the site, our prices are comprehensive and include: 1 - Delivery from the original location.

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