Dating bicurious

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In other words, factors that we might not think of as sexual per se, like political and social ties, can in fact influence those who we choose to be with and whether we identify ourselves as straight, gay, bi, queer, etc.

My new friend has admitted to being bisexual although she knows that I've never been. I've even had dreams about her, but I still find guys attractive. Dear Reader, We are often called to label ourselves as purely sexually inclined one way or the other, either to be attracted to guys or to girls only, end of story.What is it about bi-curious women and their heterosexual, male friends or even the idea of heterosexual, male friends that make me uneasy?I’ve been thinking about this since my first Café Au Lait and I’m now four in.I can’t leave out the man who doesn’t take Lesbian relationships serious with his sarcastic remark of, “Oh…you guys are really a couple? It’s these notions that cause my deliberate labeling of every heterosexual man I come in contact with.I know it’s not fair to place a stigma on every man who is attracted to a woman but maybe it’s the man attracted to “my woman” that makes me feel this way.

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