Dating customs with bento boxes

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This is a school-wide event where the kids are divided into two teams, Red and White, and compete in various athletic events.

Parents are supposed to attend, and at lunchtime the whole family sits somewhere within the school grounds and tucks into a big family bento.

This is another opportunity for the creative bentoist to show his or her skills off.

And of course, during summer vacation the family might go on a trip to the mountains or the seaside, with some onigiri (rice balls) or even a picnic basket.

All Things for Sale has no way of estimating customs fees, taxes, duties, etc.

Please contact your local customs office if you need to know more. It can take several business days for your e Check transfer to complete and the recipient can use the funds from your payment.

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The boys are often still hungry, so they supplement their bentos with sweet (お菓子パン)or savory (おかずパン)filled breads like a (a roll filled with sweet red bean paste), hotdogs and so on, bought at a convenience store or bakery.Also, some customs offices will send a separate invoice for your customs fees that could arrive several weeks after you receive your shipment. Contact the customs office in the destination country for information about any applicable duties or taxes.If an order is placed on our web site and then refused, you will be responsible for the original shipping costs, as well as any duties, taxes and/or customs charges that were incurred in shipping the package.However, the bento or obento (the more polite honorific term) in its many guises is an integral part of life in Japan.Here are the many different types of bento that a typical Japanese person might eat at different stages of life.

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