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They then say they have an issue with customs or have an accident or have a sick child they need to pay medical fees for.”“Some scammers will look to gain your sympathy with emotional stories of ill relatives or financial difficulties or urgent job opportunities and travel needs.

Any request for money at any point should ring an alarm bell; however sad, urgent, compelling or heart-wrenching the story.” We know that sometimes it’s easier for us to come to you with the news.

The app can also be used in the terminal to see who’s around – and potentially kick off the holiday romance before the holiday has even begun.

There are various privacy settings, so a user can opt to chat without revealing their exact location.

Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Fyfe, head of crime at the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, told Johnston Press Investigations: “People who are taken in by romance fraud are usually the most vulnerable and badly affected victims of fraud.“Many of these people are lonely and desperate for romance and companionship, only to find themselves completely fleeced.

Some of them are strung along and wooed for a year or more by someone who is effectively grooming them.

It comes as one man 'John' - who is not using his real name - shared his story of being scammed out of £10,000.

Action Fraud, the UK’s national cyber crime reporting centre, said the number of cases of dating fraud rose from 2,561 in the financial year to March 2016 to 3,127 to April 2017.

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Read more: German woman loses £130k in scam by man 'from Northern Ireland' John said: "I found what I was thought I was looking for, but then they said their arents were sick or daughter was in hospital, or they had no money for food. She turned it to her advantage and I didn't realise until my bank caught this on. "When the bank pulled me to one side and had a meeting with me, I realised that this was actually what was going on." The PSNI is still investigating the case but say it is unlikely the money will be recovered.

"I said 'OK' and did the decent thing and tried to help them out. "Because I thought I was doing the right thing but my bank seemed to think I was coming in more and more and taking money out of my account and it was getting beyond a joke. Chief Superintendent Simon Walls told the BBC Nolan show: "It is a sad story.

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