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My dad met her during one of these extended visits home.It bothered me and my brothers that our dad’s first relationship after the divorce was a long-distance relationship.The situation was complicated by my dad’s relationship to religion. The church’s stance on divorce is pretty clear—my brothers and I grew up listening to my dad tell us that marriage was for life.For a long time, my father refused to entertain the thought of going on dates with other women.Lauren and my dad dated for about two years before they broke up. They both sort of realized what my brothers and I had worried about all along—neither of them was planning on moving to be with the other person, so there wasn’t much point in continuing their relationship.Dad took it really well, handling it much better than he’d handled the divorce.She came back to the United States for two or three times a year.

Lauren’s daughter had gone to school with my brothers and I.

For one thing, the relationship didn’t seem sustainable.

Nothing on earth was going to convince my dad to move to Columbia, and Lauren had no intention of moving back to the United States.

Having been in a few long-distance relationships myself, I know that they can be really difficult.

In my experience, jumping headfirst into a long-distance relationship without taking the time to really get to know the other person is a great way to set yourself up for disappointment. All the while, my brothers and I watched carefully, waiting for the other shoe to drop—absolutely sure that, when dad and Lauren inevitably broke up, it would be the three of us who’d be picking up the pieces.

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