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Plus early heads up about new tees, new contributors, and our events. Weekly updates about all the pop culture, race & politics, Bougie Black People™ shit, and other grand tomfoolery we cover here on VSB. I’m just grateful to Gray for pointing out that gay men like to buy toilet paper. (My advice) If anyone ever says anything about gay rights, same-sex marriage, or Nathan Lane around you, start humming the chorus to TOK’s “Chi-Chi Man Song.” (Gray’s tip) 7.

Condé Nast's Emily Hawkins tragically lost her father to cancer recently.

That's where I got the idea to create "On The Low." It is a truly unique and different type of app" It will be available for free upon it's launch.

In App purchases can be purchased to enable premium features," says Williamson.

Premium features also remove in-app advertisements as well.

The premium features are priced lower than competing apps, because we want everyone to enjoy the full features of the app at an affordable price.

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