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Pepper Schwartz, is the author and/or co-author of 22 books and stars in the hit A&E docuseries, Married at First Sight.

Her mission is to improve the lives of aging boomers and the age-50 audience by enhancing their relationships and offering counsel on everything from sex and health issues to communication and dating in midlife and beyond.

Kloster’s son (also named Bill) told the crew that Dr Pepper wanted to buy his whole operation, including a soda shop, a museum, and his father’s entire collection of memorabilia. Instead, the two companies reached a settlement, and Dr Pepper Snapple Group bought out Dublin’s franchise and distribution rights.

In January 2012, the last ever bottles of Dublin Dr Pepper came off the line.

The bottle bought in 2014 had a Dublin Dr Pepper label and a 2012 expiration date. By 2016, though, Pops no longer carried the cult-classic. The next place to turn, naturally, was the internet, where, it turns out, plenty of unscrupulous characters are willing to take advantage of Dublin Dr Pepper lovers.

The first place to look for a bottle of Dublin Dr Pepper was the last place I knew it had been spotted—at Pops 66, in Oklahoma.He drank a few bottles every day and was known to go out with a set of cold drinks and hand them out to anyone who wanted one.Kloster also had a collection of Dr Pepper memorabilia unlike any in the country: it began with Dr Pepper calendars his wife saved him during World War II and grew to fill multiple basements and warehouses, with vintage bottles, every piece of advertising material Dr Pepper had put out, metal signs, clocks, thermometers, and old bottling equipment. What made Dublin Dr Pepper truly famous, though, was a decision Kloster made in the 1980s.This one has the right label, and the price suggests it’s truly something special. “These bottles are knock-offs not made by the Dublin bottling co.,” one dissatisfied customer reports.The next online seller I turned to has an ad up on e Bay listing Dublin Dr Pepper at an astounding ,999 for a six pack.

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