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Prior to Bill getting an amp, Scotty has said that when they would arrive at a venue they would hope that there would be an additional microphone to amplify Bill's bass, and that in some instances Elvis would have to sing through the second input on Scotty's amp (though its never been stated whether they traveled with a mic of their own).No doubt through the popularity of a number of select and widely distributed photographs, there is one microphone in particular that through the years he has been "unofficially" associated with and it has been quite often referred to by "the uninformed" as "the Elvis mic." That microphone is a Shure Unidyne 55S.Sam Phillips used a Shure 556 Unidyne, among other mics, to record at Sun.

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I took this product mainly to be used for ORTF setup and it is quite easy to position the mics right.

I doubt it will be suitable for AB omni space position due to short lenght (about 20 cm), so in case you need AB in 40 to 60 cm distance,...

This must be installed when transporting or moving the microphone, and must be removed when recording.

To remove, secure the microphone in an UPRIGHT position.

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