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, the only remaining reasons to still use Fire Fox, are all gone.Thankfully, Fire Fox's updater is well-designed and can be safely reverted (download version 56 here, uninstall 57, then install 56.Also, Reverend William Morton has been arrested for trying to murder to woman he was cheating on his wife with, his second attempt at murder. One of the most dangerous things you can do is be queer in the movies.It is possible to have a rational view of tradition. Aron Ra talks about why people want to believe in gods.Just a reminder, companies have Human Resource departments to protect the interests of the company, not its employees.If you're having a problem at work, like being sexually harassed by your boss, HR will only help you if the risk of losing a lawsuit is higher than the value of the boss. Public school teachers are still trying to convert your children to their religion without your consent or even knowledge. James Lara was a priest from 1973 until 1992 when he resigned to become a professor at Yale Divinity School and later worked at Arizona State.A wonderful documentary about hiking the Appalachian Trail.Sioux Center Christian School in Iowa employed Christian teacher Curtis Van Dam who is currently being charged with 140 cases of sexually abusing children. Twitter likes to claim impartiality, but it's history of refusing to stop abuse is causing many people to abandon the network leaving only abusers left.

Students, who carry a towel to mop up their sweat, are taught to watch out for danger signs including nausea, lightheadedness and dizziness. According to Vanity Fair, Miss Anderson's lawsuit reads: 'Larissa could not find her voice to cry out for help...

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Obviously, this isn't a long-term solution, and if the extension programmers don't upgrade to 57, I will end up switching to Chrome for good.

But it wasn't just the proper look of Fire Fox that prevented me switching to Chrome, Fire Fox's army of extensions made Chrome seem impotent by comparison.

For years, Fire Fox has been playing catchup with Chrome, but, rather than add the features I would have liked, like the task manager and crash reduction, they hopped on the "let's make the interface a convoluted mess" bandwagon.

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