Dating house bricks

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Contributions of information, not money, to this web site are encouraged, appreciated, and acknowledged. John Langston [email protected] collectors may object to the use of white paint to enhance the imprint.I made my first attempt without enhancing the imprint with poor results.Q I am very worried that a number of bricks near the top of the east-facing gable wall of my 1977-built house have suddenly started to flake badly, with largish pieces falling to the ground.Is the only solution to have these bricks cut out and replaced with new ones?

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I’m sure there are numerous errors and I will make corrections as I am able, so when you notice an error, please send an email with as much documentation as possible.We, Charlie & I, cut our teeth by driving to Tulsa to shoot Clem’s 7000 brick collection.A huge thank you goes to my programmer, Jason Johnstone of Nacogdoches, Texas. Last, but most importantly, I need to thank my wife, Patti Langston, for indulging me and my quirky hobby.Use the dropdown menu to the left of the search box to limit your search terms to a particular field.For example, if you wanted to see a listing of all bricks made in Texas, choose "State" from the dropdown menu, enter "TX" in the search box and click the "Go" button.

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