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During their lifetime salmons travel long distances, but as we all know there’s no place like home, and eventually the fish always return to their birth river when it’s time to spawn.Looking for a way to boost up that old flame of yours?The traditional dresses of Sámi people are not just beautiful, they also carry messages about the background of the person.

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Here are eight interesting facts about Arctic dating and mating to impress your date with!"I would rather want a man for a long-term relationship than for a fling.In the end, what is crucial is his character, not his country of origin – although foreign men are often so much better-looking," concedes Saara.Besides enthusiasm and strength, age-provided tactical skills are needed at the reindeer dating market, and often older stags have an advantage against the young air-heads!Finnish Lapland is the home of some of the best salmon rivers in Europe.

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