Dating irish romance

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It's what my dad would say of people who were quiet and yet strong in their opinions.

That's how they would perceive the notion of a woman asking a man for a date, the idea of living together before marriage, or, "Mary, Mother and Joseph," the scandal of having a child out of wedlock.

Ethna Carberry waxes spiritual in her lovely poem, 'The Love Talker', but Donagh Mac Donagh introduces some sweet irreverence in his 'Going to Mass last Sunday'.

Mass, indeed, was the principal meeting place until quite recently, and to judge by stories from the west, of traveller girls wearing their best weeds* to Mass, it still is for many.

It is to be thirsty in the night and unslaked in the day. It is to drip one's blood as one walks." (Early Irish - no author attributed) *Weeds - Irish slang for clothes In the next day or so, there will be many of us who will be searching for the perfect Valentine card.

When you've found it, perhaps you'd like to add one or more Irish phrases from our Basic Irish Language.

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