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She’s a quirky and heart-breaking romantic writer who’s a little too blunt, only likes to wear skirts, and shares extremely personal (often embarrassing) stories from her dating life, all while attempting to offer advice along the way.Meena’s journey has inspired her desire to let other hopeful-yet-frequently-disappointed singles know that they are not alone by creating her blog Impress Me... Meena also contributes regularly to a variety of popular dating blogs and is currently working on her first book.Will the other person encourage and embrace your newfound passion, or come to resent it?My boyfriend is jealous of anything I do without him, but in a sweet, I-still-want-you-to-be-happy way.Saying “I Love You” for the First Time You’ll always remember the look in the other persons eyes when you admitted to being in love.It is one of the ultimate relationship milestones for a reason: now love is at stake.That doesn’t mean it has to be the perfect moonlit evening; it can be over hotdogs at a baseball game. First Time You Have Sex Will you want to sleep with this person for the rest of your life? Will she make an effort to talk sports with the guys over a beer?Will he play with your best friends kid at their bar-b-q? This signifies your ability to handle your differences.

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There are surely more than 10 relationship milestones worthy of mention, but here’s a sample of my top picks:1.Can she handle being stuck in traffic on the way up to the cabin in the mountains without complaining the whole time?Would you want to go on a honeymoon with this person someday?I needed to remind my partner, and my kids, that I was still a working mom and couldn’t spend the day doing laundry or running errands.I came close to resenting my live-in boyfriend’s work trips a few times, even though I knew from experience that business trips aren’t as glamorous as they seem.

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