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Ricky is violent and confrontational, but clearly makes a poor physical combatant, once receiving a bloody hole in his chest from Jaco, and being physically overpowered by three old women until thrashing blindly at them (all while wearing protective foam body armor).

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Sol writes songs for the band sometimes and has a habit of speaking in malapropisms.Doug is the 18-year-old janitor of the Sons of Butcher meat shop, hired by late proprietor Arpo Butcher.He was raised in Africa by a tribe of aborigines, and his adoptive parents were devoured by a 5-legged lion moments after revealing they weren't his real parents.It was announced on April 28, 2007 that Teletoon opted not to renew Sons of Butcher for a third season.On they declared that they'd be stopping entirely and their "guitars will be unplugged indefinitely".

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