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Julie: Not necessarily sleep with, but at least date. S., has taken root in India only in the last couple of years (that I've been away for). It felt so pragmatic and un-French to me that I never thought it would take off. You are not ~really~ on a dating app, you are swiping photos.I was shocked to hear that friends in Bombay actually use Tinder. Earlier, there were two ways to go about it: Either you're "messing around" with someone, as in having a casual fling where you're not necessarily exclusive and both know this is a casual, fun thing. Dating, as in sleeping or making out with different people, is a little alien to me, but apparently common in Bombay now. Mind you, I don't actually know anyone who is really using it. Marie: I wonder if Tinder is used for the same thing everywhere?Gather a group of young and single foreigners who recently moved to New York City and at one moment or another, you'll hear them talk about how weird the dating scene in the city is.Moving to a new place, anywhere in the world, means adjusting to new dating rules and standards.In a city like NYC, especially, where the male-to-female ratio is so incredibly off, it seems especially like men are alllllways keeping their dating options open. We just sleep with someone casually or we're with someone.If you're sleeping with someone and you're hanging out with them socially one-on-one, then you're a thing.

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But there is also a laziness to it — who has time to message strangers witty replies all the time?

Here they are: Marie Telling: I'm an associate editor for Buzz Feed France, based in New York.

I'm French and I grew up in Bordeaux, in the southwest of the country. Julia: I feel like, in NYC specifically, you ALWAYS have to have the talk. K., I think that it's fine to date several people at once, provided it's still at the early stages and you're not taking the piss.

You're better off assuming that the person you're doing that with is doing that with a few people, unless you've expressly made it clear you're not. I don't get it and it feels almost insulting in a way. In the countryside/suburbs, people are less hassled by dating more than one person at a time.

I think that's why it's a safer bet to always date a few people at a time in the early stages. Like..spend time and open up and all that if the other side is doing the same with several others. Julia: I feel like I barely have time for ONE guy, let alone a couple. Tasneem: I think the concept of dating, the way it's defined in the U. Marie: I was actually very surprised to learn that people have started using Tinder in France, too. Conz: I feel that the gamification of it compared to other dating apps is what it made it a thing.

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