Dating pregnancy late ovulation

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As best I can determine, I ovulated on or around day 30 of this last cycle.

Got two lines yesterday after I tested because I've been super tired and had other symptoms consistent with pregnancy.

Is it possible I'm still 6 weeks 5 days if I conceived on the 11th.. Yeah i always see people measure behind, as in think theyre further along. so if im 6wk1dy instead of 6wk5dy that puts me on the 11th when i think it was.

I had a period A week after that which was a week before my normal period would have began if I did not take the birth control. my regular cycle would have started december 31st if I never skiped a perood With birth control.

Given that my next cycle would have been about january 28th.

Both times, it was my second cycle after getting my period back.

I had my last regular period around the beginning of november.

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