Dating services in atlanta

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All the good ones aren’t taken; you just need our help finding the one!

Susan Trombetti can introduce you to eligible, discerning singles in Atlanta that share the same spark and chemistry.

PERSONABLEMatchmaking may be serious business, but having a good time while doing it is part of One on One's mission.

Ultimately, we're in the business of improving the quality of people's lives – their love lives that is!

Do you want to spend the rest of your life with a woman who is your best friend and who you are attracted to physically, spiritually, and mentally?

Her expertise has led to more than 300 marriages and thousands of serious relationships.

One On One Matchmaking not only sets up singles, but can also help plan your perfect date.

“We’re the Rolls-Royce in the matchmaking industry, and our success rate speaks for itself.” says Janis, bluntly.

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