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It can be hard to figure out what to ask without making it seem like you're interrogating your date.

After all, the key to a good date is relaxed conversation, and the last thing you want is to recreate the beginning of this scene from But whether you're trying to fill an awkward silence or just trying to get to know your date better, we have you covered.

Whatever the venue, you’ll be thinking about making a positive impression.

It’s almost like going to a job interview, so there might be a few nerves and worries along the way, but this advice from PARSHIP’s experts will put you at ease with some tips on getting the best out of a first date.

[It’s like] the scene from Revenge of the Nerds, when Robert Carradine finally woos his beautiful blonde Betty in the moon bounce.Unfortunately, that is the nature of the beast, while both parties decide whether to carry on seeing each other.Both women and men look at various things during the date and use them as means of determining whether a guy is right for them.All being well, the two of you will take things to a second date.Whether you will then want to move into a relationship, only you can say.

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