Dating site parents special needs children

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Whatever makes you feel special and taken care of, take the time to enjoy it, you are worth it! You stretch tight muscles, remember pills, inject and infuse medicine.You hold hysterical children during horrendous medical procedures. And most often manage not to have a tantrum or melt down yourself.

I just have to pop onto one of my Facebook groups and I’m immediately reminded, I’m not alone. We are placed in a position of caring for others nearly constantly. Try to shift your thinking, maybe there was a good reason you missed that appointment, that you were sure was on Tuesday but apparently was on Monday.Many colloquialisms like “I almost had a stroke”, or “I nearly had a heart attack” are disconcerting to parents whose children have in fact had a heart attack or a stroke.However try to remember that people are not making these comments to offend or upset you. Brag about those accomplishments that might seem small to others but are huge for our kids!But our marathon will go on for the foreseeable future and beyond.So remember, you don’t need to win, just make it to the end.

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