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Even closer to home, however, the Saudi government had just begun a war on a town in the country’s restive east – a battle that is still raging despite receiving very little media coverage both within the conservative Kingdom and outside it. Imagine how big the destruction #Saudi Forces made in #Awamiasiege which media doesn’t show!

While some accommodation in nearby towns has been provided, it has been criticised as not nearly enough to cope with the expected demand.

Locals report between 12 - 25 people have died in shelling and sniper fire, and pictures purportedly of streets covered in rubble and sewage look more like a scene from Syria than an oil-rich Gulf city.

Information from Awamiyah is difficult to verify; foreign media are not allowed near the area without government chaperones, which means the world is reliant on heavily-controlled Saudi state media, unreliable Shia-focussed news sites and social media from inside the city for even the smallest glimpse into what is going on.

Other pro-Awamiyah activists were vague when pressed on the subject – but agree that the push to tear down the neighbourhood is motivated by a desire to crack down on dissent for good.

“I’ve documented conflict in Saudi Arabia before but nothing like this.

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