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Looks to have been broken off scroll base and restored. German florally encrusted vase - Once with basket weave neck which is now broken off at roots. More details A pair of late 19th C/early 20th C Mintons urn vases, each decorated with flowers on a turquoise and white ground with gilt highlights, printed marks beneath, 22cm high, a pair of Sitzendorf style figures of fruit pickers. Saucer with severe restoration to enclosure for cup. Large hairline crack to cup descending from rim across body to base of one handle. Underside painted ' Amour und Venus' (Cupid and Venus). Other items all with breakage's, chips, and some with restoration.NONE of the pieces that I have seen using this mark are anything like that old. and others ) is in Thuringia, over 200 km from Dresden.The combination of the towns of Dresden and Coburg to describe a Coburg factory is wrong and very annoying. Christopher Marshall ( PM&M ) whilst drawing attention to the errors in the Von Schierholz entry in Roentgen is not actually casting doubt on the attribution of the hash mark to the Von Schierholz factory.Porcelain making in the town of Sitzendorf goes back to 1760, so it is a strong driving force for the town.Their standard mark is usually a crown and S mark - with a small crossed lines device incorporated into the middle of the S.

The actual crossed lines of the Sitzendorfer mark from the 1887 - 1900 are not quite the same as this mark.

So let's say, to conclude, your mark is shown, by one expert in the field to be that of the Von Schierholz Porcelain Factory, Plaue, Thuringia, Germany, used from c.1865-1911.

Several other marks were used by them, the latest being designed in 1973 after the factory was nationalized and renamed behind the Soviet iron curtain.

Our other page on Schierholz/Plaue is here:-Schierholz/Plaue crown above M pottery mark For general free advice on how to research your collection, Peter wrote this page:value of antiques. I found this on the P&M site: Scroll down to almost the bottom of the page fear mine may be a fake although mine does not have a number on it and the lettering is darker blue.

Many thanks for flagging up the link to the PM&M fake marks page.

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