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The bride isn’t left out either – the male members of the party kiss the bride when the groom nips to the bar or the loo.Jumping the broom The jumping of the broom originates from America’s Deep South and has a place in history.

In fact, a number of cultures and religions have their own way of marking this special occasion – and many brides and grooms at home or overseas have more than just an embarrassing best man speech to worry about…Needless to say he quickly arranged for the marriage to be dissolved in order to marry the 17 year old Catherine Howard !With parental permission it was legal for boys to marry at 14 and girls at 12 although it was not usual or traditional for marriages at such young ages.This particular example of an Elizabethan wedding custom totally back fired.The King was misled, could not escape the marriage and called his wife "the Flanders Mare".

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