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These were made in a similar way, but instead of stamping the design into the tile, the clay was pressed into a mould with the design in relief at the bottom.

Once the tile was removed from the mould, the indentations could be filled with a contrasting clay.

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But sometimes porcelain figures and ornamental wares are left in the unglazed biscuit state for aesthetic reasons.Today, for many people ‘china’ is a catch-all term for ceramic tea-things, but in industrial circles it means bone china, a form of porcelain that includes bone ash in its composition.Animal bone ash was first added to porcelain at the Bow factory in the 1740s, but its use in a hard-paste mixture was used extensively by Josiah Spode in the 1790s, just as the importation of Chinese porcelain ceased to be of any significance.In the 19th century, these tiles were called 'encaustic'.Today the term normally refers to Victorian inlaid tiles.

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